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Vegan Diet: A Complete Guide for Beginners: Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Weight Loss, … Beginners, Vegan Recipes) (English Edition)




Our society has seen a lot of change in recent years. The way we do business, science and technology, communication, travel and so on. But there’s one thing hasn’t seen much change in the last few decades, our diet. With all the junk going around, fast food, doctors giving mixed advice, how do we know what’s actually good for us?
There are many different types of diets going around, from the prehistoric paleo diet, to a more modern ketogenic diet, and of course the typical vegetarian diet. One diet, the vegan diet, has slowly gained popularity over the years, equating to nearly 1% in the USA alone. This may not seem like much, but given our animalistic nature to want to eat meat, it might seem quite absurd to many that people wouldn’t want to eat meat at all, let alone any animal bi-products such as milk, cheese, eggs and even arguably honey.
The vegan diet or veganism is a diet which does not consist of any meat or animal products, including dairy products. Alternatively, one way of looking at veganism is a diet that excludes any exploitation of any animals.

In this book we have created delicious recipes so you can begin your journey to become a vegan. Quick and easy tips so you can cook in the comfort of your home. Let’s begin!

In this book, I’ll show you everything you need to know about the Vegan Diet.

Here is what you’ll learn…

  • The Basics of the vegan diet
  • A Step-by-Step Guide
  • The Benefits of the vegan Diet
  • and as a bonus….,

  • EXCLUSIVE Easy-to-Follow Vegan-based Recipes
  • Be the smart person you are and make the wise decision today.

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